Dear First Year Teacher #1

So, you are getting ready to start teaching and if you were like me, you are freaking out trying to think of EVERYTHING. LOL. Teaching is like anything else, you get better by doing it! However, I wanted to share a series of posts to include so many of the things I wish someone would have told me or that I would have thought of while getting ready that first year. Grab a snack because this will be a long one!

First up in this series is focusing on what to spend your time and money on. Please keep in mind that some things that didn't work for me may 100% work for you. Some things that I swear by, may not be your cup of tea. This is all about knowing yourself and being realistic about what you can manage.

Jenga In the Classroom

This is definitely not my original idea, I got the idea from the fabulous Elementary Shenanigans. :) This is how I have used it, and some tips I have learned along the way!

Creating Instagram Images - Secrets Revealed!

Another question I get a lot is how to make Instagram images like these. It is all about your own personal style, but I will attempt to give you the basics of what I do. I am going to try to explain, bear with me! 

Book Raffles

One of the questions I get asked most is about book raffles, so I thought let's start the blog here!

Why I use book raffles
In my room, book raffles are a tool I use to get kids excited to read new books I am adding to our library! I am definitely not the first to use them, but here are answers to all of the questions I get about how they look in my room!


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