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Hey! I'm Brianna.

I love to constantly learn new things. I heard a Ted Talk that called it a "Multi-potential-ite," and that is so me. I don't want to be the best at any one thing, I just want to learn how to do everything. When I am not doing teacher things, I spend my time with my fiance Kevin, and our dog, Daisy.  


I graduated from the College of Coastal Georgia with my Bachelor's in Early Childhood and Special Education. I was kind of a late bloomer with graduating because I actually started pursuing a business degree at the University of Georgia.... and hated it. Finally, I graduated in 2014 and although changing career paths was scary, it was definitely the right move! 


After college, Kevin and I loaded up and headed for Arizona! We drove there and made it a cross-county road trip we will never forget. Driving across America makes you realize how beautiful our country really is! We will also never forget staying in a super creepy Bates-ish motel after our car broke down, having our broken down car broken into and our stuff stolen, and coasting into our new town on fumes with no money left after all of our setbacks. 
We look back and laugh about it all now though. The photo below is when we finally made it to Arizona and I swear we almost kissed that dusty ground when we made it, LOL!
 Kevin went to school out there and I taught pre-k. Pre-k taught me a TON (especially about patience!) and was a lot of fun. 

 After he finished school, it was off to Atlanta for his job. I loaded up all of the teacher/classroom stuff I left at my mom and dad's (parents are the best) and headed for ATL! 

Funny side story: I drove home to be with my family after over a week of no calls for an interview when we first got to Atlanta. I got home (after the 6 hour drive) and went out to dinner with my family. At dinner I got a call for an interview THE NEXT MORNING! I finished my meal and headed right back (another 6 hours) to get ready for the interview as best I could. 
I actually walked out with the job!

Here is my first classroom! Talk about a learning experience. Nothing compares to that first year in the classroom by yourself. I taught 4th grade my first year and although I loved the curriculum, I wanted to move down to 2nd at the end of the year. 

After my first year, I didn't get 2nd grade - but I did get to move down! This is my 3rd grade classroom last year. This was a magical year with a wonderful group of students. I LOVE third grade, but 2nd grade is still always in the back of my mind and I am unsure why...

 This is my classroom this year in third grade. I loved getting to be in the same room again, teaching the same grade because you get to just add and make everything a little better! 

Well, 2nd grade has always been in my heart and now I can tell you.....

Please share 2nd grade blogs/TPT stores you follow! I need all the help I can get! :)

If you are moving grade levels like me, feel free to grab what you need below to share the big news! 

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